They have the ability to really understand our issues by
engaging our people and making them part of the process.
They have definitely made us a stronger company.


How A $3M Business Grew Revenue By $6M In 3 Years


What Happens When Growth Stalls

What Makes a Business Franchisable

What Makes a Business Franchisable – Peter Thompson

Business Types

Business Types – Peter Thompson

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Way back in the 1970s Peter Drucker wrote about the role of organizations in improving the lives of employees by providing high levels of “community, citizenship, and purpose” for them all.



Ted Creighton Joins Our Plutus Team

Ted’s focus on helping SME business leaders and owners improve their business performance in order to enhance their bottom line and to help clients understand and implement proven business concepts, which are guaranteed to generate a substantial ‘Return On Investment’.

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How A $3M Business Grew Revenue By $6M In 3 Years

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