6 High Performance Selling Strategies for Business Growth- John Holland Plutus Consulting Group

The 20th century selling model is broken. The new selling model is very different and smart business managers recognize this and are implementing a different set of sales management tools. Here are 6 must do’s: John Holland


#1. Develop a cohesive sales strategy that focuses sales efforts on the right customers/ segments with a clear and compelling value proposition.


#2. Create a high-impact sales process for communicating and delivering value to customers. Like real-time order tracking, CRM capability and “now’ information that will provide a competitive advantage. Also provide sales data, tools and resources for enhancing sales force insights about customers and trends.


#3. Re-size the sales organization to enable specific new or existing customer coverage, and which will combine the cost effectiveness of Inside Sales with the high cost per call but closing skills of outside sales. This effectively means a different sales structure and sales roles that enable effectiveness (higher dollar sales for controlled effort) as well as efficiency (reduced dollar cost for that effort).


#4. Hire and manage sales talent by keeping and attracting salespeople with the skills and values to support the sales strategies and company culture.


#5. Train and coach that talent to continually develop the required competencies (skills and knowledge) that Inside and Outside salespeople need to add value to your customers and provide a competitive advantage.


#6. Set sales force goals that are challenging, fair, and accepted by the sales force. Support them with compensation and recognition programs that encourage hard work in pursuit of company goals that align with personal development goals. Create and nurture a sales culture of accountability and achievement.


These 6 strategic and tactical drivers will give you a strong competitive advantage.


John Holland Plutus Consulting Group

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