Adrian Herschell


“Adrian as a member of the Board of Directors at Excel Funds Management Inc. has shared his wealth of knowledge and experience for a number of years. Adrian has a proven expertise in quickly grasping business issues and promptly developing sound plans that can take immediate effect, while achieving sustainable results. Adrian is readily available and his guidance to senior management in varying areas of business, from operations, marketing and investment team has been invaluable. Adrian has saved the company from pitfalls and has always been there for us. We look forward to working with him for many years to come."
Bhim D. Asdhir
President and CEO
Excel Funds Management Inc.

Adrian HenshellAdrian Herschell has been in senior management positions in large public corporations and small family owned businesses for over 30 years. As the General Manager of a small, Family owned business he increased sales by 40% in 18 months and took the bankrupt business to profitability in less than a year. As the Chief Operating Officer of a medium sized Retailer, he expanded the company into major markets across North America, re-organized the management team and implemented a change orientated culture that expanded the network, increased sales and at the same time reduced overall operating expenses.

As a Vice President of a large multi billion-dollar public company, Adrian analyzed the organizational structure of the operation and implemented a multi-million dollar cost saving, while improving efficiency and customer service.

Adrian has proven his ability to quickly grasp the unique business issues being faced by organizations, both large and small, and promptly develop plans that are immediately implemental. He then manages the process to achieve sustainable results.

As a consultant for a number of years, Adrian has successfully completed projects in Education, The Fitness Industry, Construction, International Logistics, Retail, and a number of other diverse industries. Common to all has been a strong desire on the part of the Owners to make sustainable improvements to their businesses. Many larger projects required collaborating with colleagues that shared the same values which enabled synergy and greater success for the clients.

Adrian has been a member of the board of directors for an international company, an officer of four diverse companies and is currently the Chairman of the Independent Review Committee for a Mutual Fund listed on the TSX. He is a graduate of the Ivey School of Business, has just been re-elected to the Board of Directors of Excel Mutual Funds. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Everest Academy for three years and has recently been appointed to the Advisory Board for Strone Inc.

Adrian Herschell

Senior Consultant 

(416) 938-0751