Our Company

Our Company

Plutus Consulting Group was formed to provide the owners or presidents of businesses with the support and resources necessary to guide them through the current issues they are facing. At the same time we work with ownership / management to clarify their vision for the future of the business and then develop and execute plans to achieve those goals.We provide clear, meaningful and objective management information and practical advice, plus the added value of working with the organization through implementation of the projects necessary to get your business on track.

If your objective is to :

  • Create wealth by building and sustaining an effective and profitable business
  • Have sound financial data, excellent processes
  • Utilize an efficient and a structured planning process

Plutus Consulting Group has experience in all of these areas; we can help you capitalize on opportunities, plan the future, and create an environment for change. We don’t just provide advice – what makes us unique is our ability to turn theory into action!

Our approach is to remain with our clients as they wrestle with the kinds of issues that inevitably arise. Just having us or somebody like us there as a sounding board helps them clarify their direction. But the real benefit our clients gain is that we are there to help guide them through the implementation of the projects that they have undertaken. Especially helping to react to whatever obstacles that inevitably surface along the way.

We are a highly innovative consulting company with a wealth of hands-on consultancy experience and a global network of trusted affiliates. We can offer a truly dynamic and diverse portfolio of tools and solutions to enable businesses achieve their full potential resulting in revenue growth, higher profits, satisfied customers, motivated staff and lower operating costs.

Our core of expert management consultants represents a number of different and complementary business disciplines. We work in total synergy with each other to deliver management consulting services that work hard to improve your productivity and profitability, but do so in the most cost effective way possible. Not only will we review your businesses but we will actively work with you and your team to implement the agreed changes. Our core specialities are:

  • Business Development
  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Franchise Services
  • Small Business Mentoring
  • Succession Planning

We are not a company that simply presents you with an expensive and cumbersome report and walk away.
We act as your Project Management Team, assign a lead Principal, facilitate external expert resources, report regularly and see the job through.

Our goal is simply to deliver the agreed solutions to enable you to reach your target of competing profitably in your chosen market

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