Ted Dzialowski


“When we first met John Holland from Plutus Consulting Group, we were in the early stages of bringing our product to market and had little to no experience on how to navigate through the retail industry to launch our product. Through John’s mentorship, guidance, connections and wealth of experience, we were able to outline a strategy to ensure rapid national distribution. Our company is now on a growth trajectory that would not have been possible without his expertise and mentorship.” Morgan Wyatt, PhD President/Founder, The Greenlid

Following a corporate career in HR, Finance and Strategic Planning in the mining and chemical sectors, Ted is serial entrepreneur, angel investor, business mentor, business researcher and educator who has built companies to over $100 million in sales.

Plutus CG Ted DzialowskiHe was co-founder and partner in Trillium Health Care after acquiring the health and beauty aid manufacturing operations of Andrew Jergens and then the pharmaceutical operations of Warner Lambert in Canada. He was also Executive Chairman of Cleanol Integrated Services Ltd. which provides emergency restoration and construction services, commercial building maintenance and residential cleaning and renovation services.

Ted is now Executive Chairman of the Nutri-lawn Ecology Friendly Lawn Care Ltd. franchise system with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario and Executive Chairman Grout Medic Inc. franchise system headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In the healthcare sector he serves as Vice President of the International Council for Quality Care based in Boca Raton, Florida and has also been involved in clinical decision support and compliance management IT firms. Ted is on the Board of Directors of The Futura Loyalty Group which markets a suite of loyalty, marketing and sales products solution and systems to mid size retail and service businesses. Futura is listed on the TSX.

Ted is completing his Doctorate in the area of Performance Management and lectures in the MBA program at the Schulich Business School.


Ted Dzialowski

Senior Consultant


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