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Human Resource Management Bulletin

Every company has them… the employees that are exceptional performers. In the normal course of business, most companies have some process relating to goal setting and performance assessments. But in dealing with super performers, the thinking needs to be more flexible, or you could shut down that passion for extra-ordinary results.

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Communicating Change -The Message

Since we have indicated that communication involves sending a variety of important messages, it is important that when you communicate about change you know what kind of messages you wish to send, and the what you want people to  take away from your communication.

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Communicating Change

Many books have been written about change management and rightly so, it is a complex topic and we are only scratching the surface with this article. A major cornerstone assumption of leadership is that leaders have the ability to effectively communicate.  When we use the  word communicate, we are referring not only to the words one uses to transfer  factual information to others, but also to other “messages” that are sent and  received.