Chaos-Do You Love It, Or Hate It, Or Both?

You are swamped; too busy to get back to important prospects; delaying getting quotes out, can’t return phone calls, emails or texts and yet the revenue isn’t growing.

Your business is consuming you and you are not happy with the results of your efforts. Sales are not what you had hoped, profits are below expectation; you are doing way too much every day. The list is endless. You need to step back and assess where you are currently and truly determine what needs to be done to get back on the right path.
What is going on?

You have made yourself indispensable, nothing can go forward without your direct involvement, and you need to make every decision, see every communication and be in the middle of the activity all day long. As much as business owners complain about having no time, people not capable to handle things the way they do – no one knows the business the way they do.

Do you secretly (or not so secretly!) thrive on being this needed and active all day long?Businessman under a lot of documents and HELP placard
Can you trust people to do things for you or are you afraid they will not do things the way you do? Are you even willing to try?

However, if you are like most Business Owners of small to medium sized companies, you are working flat out every day in the middle of this chaos that happens every day in your business. You know what needs to be done and usually you are the best person to make the decision or complete the task. There is probably a milestone coming up that needs your full attention, for example; A big order to get out, your year end is coming up, someone just quit, someone is or has just started and needs training, your right hand person is sick or away, sales are down a bit, cash flow is tight right now or you may actually have a few days away planned.
You get the idea  – there is always a reason to not take the plunge and commit to trying to change the insanity!

Recently a prospect called that we had interviewed as a possible candidate for consulting in 2010 – 5 years later they we at exactly the same place as they were in 2010! Same sales, same issues!

Is that possibly you?

Is it really possible that a business owner can stay in a chaotic state for 5 years? Absolutely and still feel they are working flat out and have no time to even consider making changes!

It is not just consulting or establishing a new strategy that is postponed; developing a new marketing plan, getting a new web site done, actually looking at the organization and hiring the key person you need, and have been talking about hiring.

You get the idea – there is never a good time; but there is no time like now!

Sure, this article is written by consultants and can be presumed to be self-serving; but in reality it is not to sell consulting that is the heart of this message but just the opposite. We do not want to sell consulting; we actually want to help you out of the chaos.

We talk to business owners every day. We know what it takes to take the plunge and commit to charting a new path; committing to change is not easy and following through and actually implementing what needs to be done even more difficult. But the rewards of seeing the changes through are significant and truly business altering.

Do you want to be stuck with chaos and never get to where you deserve – or do you have the courage to bite the bullet and seek a new future?

Adrian Herschell

Plutus Consulting Group
Why Consultants Are A Waste Of Time And Money

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