Client Case Study

Client Case Study

Above is a sales graph of our client’s annual revenue that was presented at a seminar for business owners by our client. It clearly shows that we did indeed add considerable value to the growth of the company.

This business has been around for 14 years and up until 2011 had static or no growth.

The owners are very competent and have developed real expertise in their niche but struggled with leveraging their skills to achieve sustained growth. Together, we developed a differentiated offering and specific targeted personas that would best benefit from their services.

We saw an immediate uptick in 2011 and 2012 and then another plateau.

Late in 2014 we developed a more comprehensive offering coupled with expanded service providers to ensure delivery of the expanded offerings. This enabled them to broaden their customer base and offer leading technological solutions to a client base that never would have been on their radar screen.

The company continues to evolve.

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