Our Client Refused to Refer Us!

Our client refused to refer us!

It happened.

We have been working with a client in the GTA for more than a year, and then one of the partners was asked by a friend who owns a mid-sized company to recommend a Consultant as he needed to solve some important problems.

Our client, let’s call him Drew, refused.


We understand that a referral is a recognition of trust. A referral puts your reputation on the line, and you need to know that your endorsement does not undermine your judgement or your friend’s opinion of you.

We also know that there are many consulting firms out there, some are really good at what they do, but some talk a good story and do not deliver results. We have a track record of providing real value to our clients, and so it was a shock to us when our client refused to connect his friend with Plutus.

We know that mistakes can be made, and we strive to continually improve our service, our methodologies, and results and we have a culture of continuous improvement. So we had to know why we were cold shouldered.

Drew informed us that there was indeed an issue, and it was important to him…..He did not want to share us with anyone! He felt that somehow he would lose us.

That would never happen and here is why;

  • We limit ourselves to a certain number of preferred clients that will receive value through achieving their goals.
  • Our clients have us a part of their team through the engagement.
  • We are trusted business partners, and don’t work to a clock.

Today our business grows through referrals, and we honour each one by delivering real results.

John Holland

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