Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

Baby Boomers in a dilemma regarding Exit plans and Business Succession

Balancing the AccountsThe situation:

The current financial crisis is confronting business leaders with a fresh set of challenges and risks as they seek to balance short-term actions and staying afloat with decisions relating to Succession planning and Exit strategies. Unfortunately short- termism is unavoidable, and many have postponed planning for the longer term. This will have measurable adverse consequences for business valuations on retirement or Exit.

In the next 10 years (according to information from the CFIB):


  • $ 6bn is expected in business transfer transactions  (66% of all SME’s)
  • 120,000 + businesses will change hands
  • 35% of SME’s will exit the next 5 years
  • 52% have no formal succession plan
  • 38% have an “informal” plan
  • Only 10% have a formal, written integrated plan.


Acid test questions facing entrepreneurs


  1. When are you thinking of retiring?
  2. What will you do with the business?
  3. Is the business Value maximized?
  4. What can I do about it?


The Plutus Succession Planning Solution


We can help. The Plutus Solution is a 7 Stage model that accurately diagnoses the current position of businesses, and develops a customized blueprint for your Exit plan. With you we design specific strategies that will enable you to progress to a point where you maximize the value of the business and create the optimal conditions for exit, including identifying actions that will lead to increased business value on one hand, and enable a Succession Plan to be implemented.


Entrepreneurs have had their retirement plans postponed due to external economic factors, but this is the right time prepare and optimize. Call us for a complimentary review of your situation.


Plutus Consulting Group

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