The health of a company is partly determined by how financially sound it is. Strong financial management is not only a precursor for growth, but also, a requirement for lenders and investors. We take a long term view to building sound accounting and financial protocols. The first step is to take a good in-depth look at what is going on currently, from many different angles. We utilize all the key ratios and analytic tools including; Quick ratio, acid test, return on assets, days of inventory, days of receivables, burn rate, and a host of others. Once we have an understanding of the current environment we develop a comprehensive plan to improve the areas needing attention; as well as putting in place monitoring protocols to ensure performance stays top quartile.

Financial management, cash flow, strategic budgeting, accounting procedures

Manage and coach the existing accounting department
Improve cash flow, banking relationships and facilities, monitor covenants.
Enhance the financial and management reporting
Analyze all relevant key Ratios
Implement budgeting and cash flow forecasts
Prepare a Business Plan
Upgrade of procedures and internal controls
Negotiation and due diligence reviews for acquisitions

Develop strategy for acquisition/divestiture
Negotiation of terms of acquisition/divestiture
In depth review of business of target company to minimize risk of:
Unpleasant surprises
Verify that business is what you were “sold”
Liaison with lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and other professional advisors
Post acquisition implementation of strategy
Sourcing of financing

Assessment of capacity and appropriate sources
Capital markets
Angels and venture capital
Banks & other institutions
Asset based e.g. factoring, sale and lease back, etc.
Negotiation of terms
Implementation and control (post closing)
IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions

Manage the entire process
Negotiation with investment dealers, vendors and other parties
Liaison with professional firms (lawyers and auditors)
Completion of documentation
Allow management to focus on the business
Corporate governance and board effectiveness

Review of board policies, guidelines and effectiveness
Review of committees (executive, compensation, audit, etc.)
Board composition – do you have the right people?
Advisory boards
Member of board of directors
Plutus Consulting Group

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