Franchising – A Growth Strategy?

Should I consider Franchising as a realistic sales growth strategy?
Absolutely although it should be stated that this strategy is not quite as straight forward as you might at first think.

It is true that the cost of adding extra sales staff to your payroll will not apply but it is this balance of retaining intellectual and artistic control over your product and/or service whilst achieving growth and keeping your cost base in check that is the key to a successful franchise launch.
However, there needs to be a quite comprehensive check list to determine whether you are “franchise ready” and this should not be embarked upon without first understanding the range and implication of this process.

The overriding objective is the total success of the first 5 or so franchisees. This is key critical to the future success of your company and its reputation. If you fail in this then the damage to your business, credibility, reputation and standing within your own industry could be
catastrophic and may not allow you to come back.

So how do you proceed?

Well, having dismissed the idea of increasing your workforce and feeling that there are inherent dangers in activating “Distributor Agreements” and discounting the use of “brokers” or other 3rd party sales agencies then consult a Franchise expert for an informal and free of charge discussion.

This will afford you the real opportunity of getting an impartial yet informed opinion of your company, your motives, whether franchising is right for you, the process, the work to be done and by whom and more importantly the cost to you.
With this information to hand then you can make an informed decision and this will be based on sound business judgement and not by any emotional influences.
There is a reason why North America is the Franchise Capital of the world. It embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of its business community who understand that a franchise initiative has in excess of a 90% chance of success.

BUT…..the building blocks have to be right…so if you feel that you may want to know more about it then please call me.

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