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How does your organization ensure that everyone is working towards the common goal? Do you have visibility into your processes, operational performance, customer service, marketing results, and employee motivation to support smart, decisions that allow for staying on course?


Plutus Business Diagnostics can help your organization identify what is going really well and what needs urgent attention. This will help you build competitive advantage and often lower your operating costs through improving the areas requiring attention. Diagnostics is based on a methodology that collects and analyzes employee responses to a series of statements that encompass the most important functions of the organization. A confidential report then identifies recommended strategies and actions, that are agreed with management.

Studies done internationally have shown that organizations which follow a 3 Stage approach will fall into the top 25% of all successful businesses.

Step 1: Conduct and analyze the Business Diagnostics responses

Step 2: Present the information in a way that identifies areas for focus and priority action.

Step 3: Communication to employees to get buy in to actions that align resources with the priorities and goals and then implement and monitor progress. A benchmark study every 3 years is likely to increase performance due to visibility on progress and commitment and engagement to the purpose.

In summary, with Plutus Business Diagnostics a smart organization can optimize the performance of all departments or business units, ensure all employees are aligned and working towards the company vision and goals.

Why consider the Diagnostics program?

You have reached a plateau in performance. Many medium and large companies have attained success over many years. Their performance seems to stagnate, incremental business is hard to get, and forward momentum is a challenge. Frustrations emerge in the organization, and morale may be affected. This is an ideal time to conduct the Business Analytics.

You see great potential for gaining Market share, but this will require all departments adapt and elevate their performance, and a new strategy. An aggressive expansion will require the mapping out of a strategic plan that describes how the goals will be accomplished. It is also critical to assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie, do an assessment of the organization structure and identify the critical to success priorities. Business Diagnostics does this.

Departments are working in silos, and communication is poor. It is not uncommon to reach a point where inter department communication is poor ,jobs don’t get done because information flows erratically, there isn’t a system or process for ensuring that critical information is handled seamlessly into and through the appropriate departments. Poor communication is a black hole, into which your customers inevitably fall. So the question is; where are the bottlenecks and what can be done?


Plutus Business Diagnostics can benefit your company. Whether you want to do a full organization assessment, or customize specific departments or areas, it will have the most impact in ensuring an effective implementation. 99% of client companies find the greatest return on investment is by ensuring ongoing commitment to agreed actions. Ultimately, the Business Analytics makes possible a powerful alignment of employees and all resources to achieve business optimization and drive growth.

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