Growing and Learning

In a number of small to medium sized businesses it is not unusual for the owner/president to be doing everything; personally overseeing every detail of his/her company. The common retort when asked why they are involved in everything tends to be something like: “I don’t have time to train them” or “nobody is as committed to the business like I am” ultimately “They don’t work as hard as I do”.

So, the Owner will always say, I don’t have time to attend your Workshop, Seminar or Presentation. They may browse through trade publications but not have time to read books or white papers.

The sad truth is for an Owner stuck in this cycle they become their own limiting factor for success; for knowledge and business acumen. They often feel that because they make decisions all day long they know all they need to know.

Yet they are the ones that would most benefit from taking a step back and getting new insights and perspectives. In fact the most successful Business Owners we know have a thirst for knowledge and are continually seeking new ideas and ways of doing things.

For them learning happens every day and in a number of ways.growing

Once, early in my corporate career my division needed a manager and personnel called saying they had the perfect candidate – this person had 15 years of experience. When I learned the name of the candidate I informed personnel that the person would not be suitable as they did not have 15 years of experience but 1 years experience 15 times – he had not grown at all. The desire to continually improve had not been embraced by this individual and became their limiting factor in rising in the company.

In todays environment and individual like that would not only be limited in career potential but possibly even employment potential. Technology, information and methodologies are changing rapidly and will continue to evolve quickly; if one is not continuously learning and growing we fall hopelessly behind.

There are a myriad of ways to ensure we continue to learn:

Be constantly inquisitive

Employ a mentor or coach

Attend appropriate workshops, seminars


Network within your Industry and with thought leaders from all facets of business

Seek out opportunities to be stretched

The list is endless – make the time and commitment!

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