Why Hiring a Consultant Goes Bad: Relying on Specialized Experts

Your business need is great and the consulting firm you hired is an expert in their field, but in the end, the results are unsuccessful and unsatisfying. How did hiring a specialized consultant end in failure?

Often, and even among the prestigious firms, the consultants are very sound in their core disciplines. They may be strong accounting experts, or have great insights in finance, or be social media marketing gurus. They will dissect your business every which way to uncover all the issues around accounting, finance, social media marketing or whatever their area of expertise is.

They will analyse your business, benchmark best practices, and then develop any number of options for you. They will even make their preferred recommendations. Isn’t this what you wanted and paid for? Maybe not.

It sounds counter-intuitive, right? If you have pinpointed a problem in your accounting department, you might seek out the most qualified accounting consultant that money can buy. The same logic could apply to your marketing department, etc, etc. But here is where you should be asking yourself this question: who pinpointed the problem area? If the answer to this question is, “Myself”, then you need to ask a follow up question: would you feel comfortable self-diagnosing a specific medical condition based off of a WebMD search? Probably not.

Chances are that you would seek out a General Practitioner. This is also exactly what you should do when diagnosing a potential business-related illness. At the end of the day, your GP will likely send you to a specialist, but at least when that happens you will have a higher degree of certainty that you won’t be visiting a Neurologist for a Cardiac issue.

What is the real answer to this dilemma? You do ultimately need experts but, before hiring specific expertise, get a real, objective assessment of the issues that you are facing.

Specific expertise consultants can’t help with the diagnosis because they see all problems as problems in their area of expertise and through a narrow lens- accounting problems or finance problems or marketing problems because that is all they see and do.

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Why Consultants Are A Waste Of Time And Money

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