Why Hiring a Consultant Goes Bad: Owner’s Lack Expertise

When it comes to the challenges your business is facing, you might have both internal and external issues, weighing you down and holding the company back from real success. However, sometimes the issues can be symptomatic of the real problem – you, the business owner. No owner, no matter how brilliant can be an expert in every part of business. It’s unrealistic and detrimental to growth. You simply can’t be a jack of all trades.

Many businesses are started and achieve great initial success because the founder has a real passion and talent in a unique area that can be exploited. However as that company continues to achieve growth it will inevitably hit a point where proper business disciplines are required to structure the company for continued growth and profit. The owner is at an impasse. He or she has not had any experience or training in how to structure a business, and now contemplates outside help to guide them.

If they engage a traditional consulting firm they will receive the analysis that will lead to recommendations around structure and business discipline. The business owner with binder in hand can be dead in the water.
If they actually implement the necessary changes they now have a bigger challenge waiting for them – managing the organization at a different level of professionalism, with proper business structure and protocols and the ultimate challenge now having to manage managers.

The business that has undergone a metamorphosis from an entrepreneurial, nimble enterprise to an organization with defined policies and procedures. Before, key decisions could be made with little fanfare, but now daily operations require structure and discipline. This is usually not an easy transition for anyone, from the business owner to the employees. What was in the binder that prepared the owner to lead this type of company? Usually nothing, especially training, mentoring and coaching.

In these kinds of circumstances the owner needs proper consulting expertise. However they also need implementation guidance and coaching, as well as customized mentoring and training. Usually the owner will not admit it up front and it certainly will not be in a traditional RFP.

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