Hiring the Best Business Consultant Means Finding the Right Fit

Having problems hiring the best business consultant for your organization? Not getting the results you were hoping for? It’s not you, it’s them. But wait – sometimes it IS you… and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your business. Finding a consultant who fits with your business, your problems and your priorities is paramount to a successful relationships.

Many business owners are facing legitimate and difficult business issues, often a multiplicity of issues that are causing serious lack of sleep and affecting his or her health. Many times there is no one they can talk to about the difficulties – it would scare the people inside the company – or they are part of the problem.

Talking to their spouse can work in some cases but in many more it just causes more difficulty, as they do not understand either the complexity of the issues or the need to sometimes make difficult personnel decisions. Further, often the issues are financial and this would cause undue stress for family members – often they are consciously kept in the dark about the severity of the financial circumstances.

Further, while the business issues are real and pressing there are other pressures on business owners that also play a key role in the type of objectivity and council they may need. They often are required to spend an inordinate amount of time running the business which can cause a real strain on personal relationships. They may have a passion to achieve something that is beyond the scope of the business and the clock is ticking.

Case #1 –

One client had all kinds of operational issues in growing her business, which she was passionate to do; but, at the same time she wanted to find time to write a book! That required a sensitivity to structure her company differently than a traditional business model would dictate.

Case # 2 –

Another client wanted to accelerate the growth of his business to more than double its current volume while at the same time develop a strategy and a structure that would allow him to exit the day to day running of the business so he could travel and spend time with his new family. This of course had to be achieved without causing concern amongst the management team particularly during the planning and development phases.

Traditional consultants would not have been of use to either client. Firstly, they would not have been trusted with the personal agendas and they definitely would not have been there to help implement the strategies.
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