The best leadership is no longer about telling, about exercising power. It’s about helping shape meaning, purpose, direction and method of getting to the goal. It’s an agreement between people. And, as Byron said, “leaders are led as much as leading”. In today’s environment people need to feel engaged and needed; the role of leadership is more about inspiring, guiding and providing goals and a purpose than it is about command and control.


At Plutus we have a number of ways of identifying the culture of an organization and how effective leadership is communicating, organizing, measuring and improving the people that populate the company.

Good Leadership leads to:

  • Engaged and committed employees
  • High retention of people
  • Consistently achieving Objectives – Financial and Intrinsic
  • Top quartile recognition


We help companies achieve significant improvement in Leadership skills by:


  • A complete analysis of the existing organization
  • Developing with ownership an ideal organization
  • Identifying the gaps in leadership
  • Developing clarity of roles and responsibilities and how they relate to other roles in the company
  • Developing company specific, customized training modules
  • Ensuring all key people in the company support and enhance company values.
  • Continuing to foster a culture of continuous improvement


Plutus has had success in transforming organizations into cohesive, focused companies; with everyone working to achieve common goals and objectives. Success for our clients is measured by their achieving milestone objectives that ensure they are on target to making their vision a reality.


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