Creating a high performance organization is no different whether you run a business, manage a professional football team or chair a charity. Success depends upon having the right structure, people or players with the right skills, and clear directions from management on performance expectations. It sounds simple, but it’s surprising how often we see companies with structures that are not geared towards the needs of the customers and the market environment. It is challenging to implement organizational change, and many CEO’s delay taking action. We can help smooth the path by taking an objective, non invasive approach that enables the organization to get back a clear competitive advantage.

Unique organizational diagnostics that will enable businesses to have:

The right organizational structure
The right people
The right accountabilities
The right leadership practices
This will result in your having:

A properly aligned management team
Greater employee satisfaction and retention
Improved customer relations
Heightened capacity to be a leader in your industry
Increased productivity, profits and growth
How we do this:

We re-visit and renew your company’s vision, mission and strategy. We then guide you to ensure your organizational structure is in line with your current strategy. Organizational design is about how the work gets done. We determine the link between the short and long term goals of your company and how managers and your staff are working to achieve those objectives. We work closely with your senior management team to establish the appropriate organization structure to deliver the work required for your company’s success.

In order for you to reach this perfect alignment we help you achieve the following:

The optimal number of layers for your organization structure.
An organization structure enables employees to use their full capabilities, clear roles, clear accountabilities and authorities.
Well understood cross-functional relationships.
Fair performance management and compensation systems.
The right organization structure and people for each stage as your company grows.
The process we follow:

Conduct a diagnostic of your organization outlining the issues, barriers to performance, and options to achieve the right organization to win in these tough times.
Finalize your new organization with senior management team by developing a clear structure, role descriptions, accountabilities and authorities.
Introduce performance development and assessment methods to ensure that your people are well placed and to identify high potential people to drive growth.
Use a cascading process to implement the new structure and new roles for your people.
Establish new accountabilities and authorities and clarifying cross-functional relationships for your people.
Carry out a review of your policies and systems.
Implement leadership training modules for your managers covering: selection, building teamwork among subordinates, team planning, continuous improvement, coaching, performance review and de-selection.
Agree timelines and ongoing check ins on progress to enable the company to stay on track.
Process Re-engineering:

Plutus Consulting Group improves business processes and delivers increased productivity by building on clients’ existing strengths, including people and information technology. We field skilled and experienced senior consultants to:

Map and analyze key business processes.
Identify practical and effective solutions
Facilitate generate consensus for action.
Develop action plans and timetables.
Undertake “one-time” tasks such as redrafting written procedures.
Assist in the assessment, selection and implementation in new processes.
Outstanding productivity increases can be achieved through process re-engineering and we urge you to call for a no obligation meeting to review your needs and our potential solutions.

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