Ramp up for Fall

As Labour Day looms it is time to review where you are against the plan you set back at the beginning of 2016. Are you on track? If so what can you do to keep the momentum going and, if not, it is time to make strategic, tactical decisions to get back on plan? You had sound reasons for why you developed the plan late last Fall so, what has changed?

Now is the time to re-act to what you are facing to ensure that you make your objectives! While it is hard to face up to the need to change what you and your people are doing, if it is not working and your results are less than you expected, staying the course will only get you the same or probably less.  It means quickly assessing everything and determining what can be changed quickly to make a pre-emptive move forward.

In truth, very few plans unfold exactly as outlined, almost as soon as the year starts things happen – what separates those that consistently achieve stated goals and those that don’t is their ability to recognize when things aren’t happening as expected, to affect change quickly, and most importantly –never lose sight of the end goal.

The market place has been shifting, disruptive forces are changing every industry –Automotive, Banking, Music, Gaming, Marketing, Retail, Distribution – the list is endless; but the reality is you need results this year and there are 4 months left!Businessman touching true target

What do you need to do differently in the next little while to get the results you need?

1.    What are you currently doing that is working – what’s not working?

2.    What can we change to get more immediate results?

3.    What can we do now to change the results?

4.    What are the Human and financial resources needed to make it happen?

You need to answer these questions now – then build a tactical plan that stays true to your strategic longer-term plan that can be implemented right after Labour Day.

You need to be thinking short term but not jeopardize the long-term course for the company that will take it to a desired future – achieving the Vision set at the inception.

This will mean making SMART decisions that get you out of the frustration rut – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results syndrome.

The real challenge is; can you be objective about:

1.   Is our original 2016 Plan still valid – how do we go for more?

2.   Do we have the right people with the right capabilities in the right roles?

3.   Do they have clarity around their immediate objectives, and are these objectives consistent with the overall objectives of the company?

4.   Do we have the right strategic partners to help us get the results we feel we deserve? Who do we bring in to help?

5.   Do they have the resources to achieve their goals?

6.   Are we measuring the right activities – what should we be analyzing?

7.   Is what we are currently doing – especially Marketing and Sales – achieving results and can we assess these objectively?  Do we have the capability and attitude to change for positive results?

8.   What tactical activity will enable us to get back on track?

Planning is important but execution is everything. There are 4 months to go; you can still make 2016 plan but it takes a conscious decision to review the key business drivers, and then act.

Adrian Herschell – Plutus Consulting Group

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