Business Exit Preparation

Businesses should always be ready for Exit

Business Exit Plan

Life always has twists and turns and there are 2 reasons why being in a state of perpetual readiness is important;

  1. 1. Accident or illness
  2. 2. “Ready businesses” make more money for the owners, all of the time, regardless of whether you intend to sell or not.

Plutus has the know how to effectively “stage” the business to deliver maximum business value, or EBITDA multiples.

Our Approach

The preparation and due diligence required for selling a business is more difficult than staging a home for sale. It takes at least 6 months, but ideally 12-18 months to get the business to a position where it presents itself at optimum value.

Step 1: Using a Proprietary diagnostics tool developed in the UK, we do a full Discovery and analysis of current strengths and weaknesses, where to focus to streamline performance, and with a clear view on how to add value

Step2: Develop with ownership and stakeholders a Strategic Roadmap, and detailed actions

Step 3: Implementation, working with you as your accountability partner, problem solver, and advisor through the process.