Financial Controls


Peter and John
“We are very thankful to you both for your time and effort you have put into this, and us! The Program has worked so well for us as you managed to take our business and personal visions and turn them into a strategic roadmap which has focused our thoughts and actions into driving our business forward You are both extremely dedicated to us and not only are you also very knowledgeable but you made it easy for us to grasp what needed to be done. It was the best move we ever made in contacting you !!! Thanks "
Heba and Rachid Malki
domilya Group

We take a long term view to building sound accounting and financial protocols.

The first step is to take a good in-depth look at what is going on currently, from many different angles. We utilize all the key ratios and analytic tools including; Quick ratio, acid test, return on assets, days of inventory, days of receivables, burn rate, and a host of others. Once we have an understanding of the current environment we develop a comprehensive plan to improve the areas needing attention; as well as putting in place monitoring protocols to ensure performance stays top quartile.

Financial management, cash flow, strategic budgeting, accounting procedures

  • Manage and coach the existing accounting department
  • Improve cash flow, banking relationships and facilities, monitor covenants.
  • Enhance the financial and management reporting
  • Analyze all relevant key Ratios
  • Implement budgeting and cash flow forecasts
  • Prepare a Business Plan
  • Upgrade of procedures and internal controls