Guerilla Marketing

Market Trends

Successful companies purchase market data to keep up with trends and maintain a competitive edge. Its possible to use multiple data sources internally and externally to identfiy market trends,opportunities or threats.

Customer Insights

” The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer” . Peter Drucker.   Plutus can assist in developing tools to create adatabase of customer insights that will inform your marketing and sales plans and execution. Your customer needs,  service requirements, preferences, hot button issues need to be part of the  ongoing customer service process.


Plutus assists and enables the development of a competitive data base. This ideally is integrated in the CRM and continually updated. Competitive  knowledge is critical to business growth as it impacts strategic choices. For example which competitors to go after, how to take share, where competitors are vulnerable, who their customers are that we can approach?

Market Share

Your market share, and your competitors’ relative position,  will have a large influence on your marketing and sales strategies. If you are the market leader, in order to stay in that No1 position, you need to lead the market in best practices, innovations, and customer needs satisfaction. If you are no 3 in the market your strategies will be different. Market share information is critical to business strategy development, and Plutus has leading edge experience to assist you .