Sales Management

Today’s sales managers recognize that their job has evolved well beyond motivating and managing a sales force, to building strategic sales processes to achieve business objectives. To deliver revenue and profit growth, your organization needs flawless execution at the customer level. Therefore, achieving strategic business and marketing goals requires focused sales and customer plans. By introducing a disciplined customer-driven approach of ‘understanding, creating, delivering and managing’ customer value, any organization can position itself for competitive success.

Inside & Outside Sales

The biggest challenge facing business today is the cost of field sales. The true cost of the call must be weighed against the revenue accrued. At the same time  there has been a sea change in the online and digital capability of customers which has altered the role of outside sales. Inside sales is no longer a telemarketing function. Combined with the availablity of easy to use CRM software, its time  to re-examine your Sales structure and increase sales while reducing costs per call.


Originally known as a software program, CRM has evolved into a customer-centric best business practice that must engage an entire organization. There are four fundamentals to a successful CRM implementation : people, process, attitude and technology. The people throughout a company-from the CEO to each and every Sales representative, customer service , and Operations must buy into and support CRM. A company’s IT platform, its business processes and culture must be integrated to support the CRM process  with one focus – how better and cost effectively serve the customer?

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is not about increasing sales. It is, or should be, all about increasing brand image and reputation. Unfortunately many organizations are fixated about the revenue generated by promotional activities, without consideration to the long term effects on the brand. Promotions may be Consumer Promotion directed at the end users, or Trade (B2B) promotion. Thses can be special offers, incentives, discounts, displays, special events, contests, sweepstakes and so on. However, while revenue is key, nurturing the brand reputation is critical