Staff Issues


When most people think of writing job descriptions they start listing all the tasks the role must perform. At Plutus we start with the outcomes or results the role should achieve. Every role in an organization must contribute to the overall success of the company. Often, key roles have a mutiplicity of objectives; then what are the most important to the company’s success?

Functional Accountability

Each assignment has specific accountabilities unique to the role. These are usually the easiest components of an overall job description to identify and document. Once we know the requirements we can then define the required skill set, educational requirements, years of experience and unique industry knowledge necessary for someone to occupy this role.

Communication Matrix

We feel it is also very important to identify all the roles inside and outside an organization that individuals must interact with to be effective in their asignment. Documenting a communication matrix assisting determining the level of sophistication in communicating skills required for some to be successful in the role. It also brings clarity to the organization the interconnectivity of each role across the matrix.

Personal Qualities

At Plutus, we believe that fit to the values and culture of the organization is at least as important a criteria as skill set. Having a clear, documented set of values, purpose and mission statement coupled with clarity around the culture of the organization then helps shape the personality traits an individual must exhibit to contribute to the company culture.