Performance Tracking


“Adrian as a member of the Board of Directors at Excel Funds Management Inc. has shared his wealth of knowledge and experience for a number of years. Adrian has a proven expertise in quickly grasping business issues and promptly developing sound plans that can take immediate effect, while achieving sustainable results. Adrian is readily available and his guidance to senior management in varying areas of business, from operations, marketing and investment team has been invaluable. Adrian has saved the company from pitfalls and has always been there for us. We look forward to working with him for many years to come."
Bhim D. Asdhir
President and CEO
Excel Funds Management Inc.


We help our clients develop specific dasboards to enable them to monitor Key Performance Indicators that are truly important to ensure the company achieves it’s goals. These are cascaded down to everyone in the company that has measureables so everyone knows on a timely basis how they are tracking and can take steps as necessary to keep their piece of the operation on course to achieving the objectives established.


Financial/Accounting Metrics

Beyond individual and cummulative KPI’s the company has specific Finacial goals that are also tracked on a timely basis. These dashboards are also customized to enure the right people in the organization know how the company is tracking and have the ability to take action as rewquired to ensure success. This also allows the key personnel in the company to communicate effectively with external stakeholders like investors and/or lenders.


Organizational Development

We have talked about measureable deliverables tracked by dashboards but the Human Resources are equally important and tracking of their development of the people in the organization is also paramount to ensure continued success. We help our clients put in place procedures to monitor progress, evaluations, training delivered and needed, and on occassion corrective actions s required.


Industry Benchmarking

While all objectives have been established with internal and external factors being considered business is dynamic and the competition will be constantly re-acting and implementing their own strategies – we need to have mechanisms in place to ensure we are capturing what is going on competitively and re-act accordingly as necessary.