Franchise Development Domestic Canada

Plutus Consulting Group provides all of the necessary tools to get companies “franchise ready”. Whatever your industry or vertical market, Plutus has the in-depth franchise expertise and knowledge to create a tailored and proven franchise system which will deliver the most cost effective and sustainable business development strategy.

The full range of services which includes, but is not restricted, to the following key elements can be summarised as below:



“Being awarded the Master License for Canada by WPTAPL was the start of a long and rewarding journey for me. Although I was an experienced Entrepreneur and I knew a lot about poker I did not know a lot about managing and growing a licensed brand in the marketplace. Mbr /> I made contact with Peter in early 2009 and quickly built a wonderful working relationship with him. Following his extremely professional advice, the planning and implementation stages rapidly took us to the No.1 brand in Canada.
His advice and support throughout and his eagerness to always be available to me were invaluable"
Christopher Tufford, Master Licensor


  • Early Introduction to a Franchise Banker
  • Working Capital as a Franchisor
  • Set up potential Franchisee financing

Develop Business Plan

  • Review Past Financial Performances
  • Review Past Operating Performance
  • Create Vision
  • Create Goals
  • Agree Franchise Structure [determine revenue streams, royalties or flat fee]
  • Agree Financial & Operating Targets
  • Create Financial Modelling [EBITDA Range]

Marketing Plan

  • Territory Planning – Area, Provincial, NationalCompetitor Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Location
  • Branding
  • Signage
  • PR
  • Announcements
  • Website redesign
  • Join CFA


  • Introduction to a proven Franchise Lawyer
  • Create Franchise Agreement
  • Master Franchise Agreement
  • Area Developer Agreement [as determined by adopted franchise structure]
  • Create Disclosure Document
  • Secure website domain
  • Creditor Proofing
  • Corporate Structure
  • Protection of Intellectual Property namely: Copyright  Patent. Register Trade mark

Franchise Implementation Plan

  • Agree time-lines
  • Create Marketing documentation
  • Introduction to a Commercial Realtor
  • Equipment Supplier
  • Identify service providers necessary
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Review Training capabilities
  • Review Company Management Structure [internal or external resources]
  • Create Information Pack
  • Create Operator Manual


  • Create application form
  • Create recruitment process
  • Create Franchisee Profile
  • Identify Candidate Profiling Tools

Develop Franchise Network

  • Determine collection & use of advertising fund
  • Form Franchisee Council
  • Provide Marketing, New Products, etc.
  • Collect & implement best practice & ideas.