International Development

Plutus Consulting Group can help your brand successfully expand internationally, by providing in-depth expansion advice, guidance and entry strategies for franchise markets across the world.

We also have a network of international associates with on-the-ground knowledge of more than 50 countries and together we can source, qualify and help secure the very best franchisee partners for your business.

We specialize in the UK, Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and USA.

Global expansion begins with the correct preparation and Plutus takes our clients through a detailed and focused program that allows each client to develop and then implement the optimum strategy for their brand.

Plutus Consulting Group understands the complexities of international operations and can help your business to get it right first-time around. We believe that with excellent preparation, local market knowledge and sourcing, the very best partners are the cornerstones of successful global expansion. Plutus Consulting Group’s role is to provide guidance and assistance through tangible deliverables to ensure long-term international franchise success.


Outbound market development

  • Identify country/continent
  • Create Market Intelligence Reporting Format
  • Identify local agent
  • Identify Relationship [Master Franchisee/JV]
  • Determine Government Assistance [Canada and/or host country]
  • Create Business Plan & Financial Model
  • Act as interface with Local Agent
  • Agree Recruitment Strategy and Fee structure
  • Create local Legal Documentation

Importing franchises into Canada

In addition to Domestic Services

  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Government Grants Assistance