Company Culture


One of the key drivers of a Company Culture are the values of the organization. Often, they are clearly defined and published to ensure all employees know what behaviors and objectives are intrinsic to the company. But too often the values are not clear and as result hiring is not focussed to support the can be in turmoil. One of the best workshops we at Plutus conduct are our values sessions – great insights as to how management and staff consider what values are truly important – and how we can facilitate getting alignment.

Mission Statement

The mission statement articulates how the company and everyone employed should behave every day. What is truly non-negotiable in behaviors and the what personality traits support your unique mission statement. Plutus helps our clients articulate their mission statement to ensure it is truly meaningful and actionable.


The vision statement is not an esoterical exercise but rather clearly defined quantitative and qualitative objectives for the organization to achieve at some defined point in time in the future. Typically, it is a 3 to 5 year time horizon, but it could be longer, depending upon the nature of the industry and where the company is in its evolution. Our experience with many organizations typically has shown that the original vision for the company has gotten lost through the daily grind of tactical decisions made over the course of years. Before we can truly add real value a new or re-vitalized vision needs to be crafted and communicated to ensure everyone in the organization are all working towards a common goal. We have been very successful in helping companies re-define their vision and as a result embark on a re-vitalized path to growth.


In today’s multi-generational and culturally diverse work environment, it is increasingly evident that a segment of the workforce are engaged by more than wages. Organizations that declare a sense of purpose that helps define the objectives of the company can atract and retain a much more commited employee pool. There are organizations that are committed to supporting the local community they do business in; we have clients that are committed to only producing and selling evironmentally friendly products. Some companies support specific charities – often the charities the employees are committed to. A company’s purpose can be divers however, the clearer it is declared and communicated the greater the likelyhood of attracting and retaining employees that share the purpose.