Organizational Structure


It is typical for companies to develop reporting lines on an adhoc basis as the company first strts to grow. However, very soon it becomes apparent that for a company to be effective and achieve synergy from its human capital clear reopting lines need to be defined. In today’s business environment companies are “flattening” , they can have a matrix structure and overlapping communication lines. All are appropriate depending on the industry and company -but- regardless every individual in a company needs to know who is setting their objectives and who/how they will be evaluated. We help bring clarity to this potential quagmire to ensure maximum productivity and minimum overlap.


At Plutus, we help clients define their existing structure with clear precision, but more importantly we help them understand the needs of the organization as it continues to evolve and grow. We help define at what critical points the company will need to add specific talent – what level of expertise and at what salary grid. Our clients can then clearly identify when they need to recruit, without putting the finacial performance of the company in jeopardy.


Many organizational charts identify repoting lines but often fail to clearly define actual levels of authority each role has and exactly what the deliverables are of each role. We help our clients develop a clear statement of levels of authority that ownership and senior management are comfortable with that allows the organization to function while pushing decision making to the right level of authority.

Succession Planning

Where will future talent come from, how do we ensure a seamless trransition as people are promoted, retire, or move on? We help our clients develop succession plannig models that enable them to be pro-active and minmize the business disruption from scarcity of management or key skilled team members. This is a multi-faceted approach that includes identifying ptential high performers, mentoring, continuous recruiting and builting a talent bank resouce within the talent management function.