A Tribute To Adrian Herschell

Adrian was a founder and pillar of integrity and inspiration for the Plutus consultancy.
Above all, Adrian was a great family man, and a loyal and generous friend. He was a wonderful work colleague, and knew when to work hard, and when to have a bit of fun.

He left a legacy of acute business smarts and respect towards and from his clients. He was dedicated to his clients success and made a real difference to everyone he engaged with. He never veered from the truth with our clients’, and in the most professional way explained why they may on the wrong path.

He made a massive contribution to Plutus, in going beyond the expected to build the brand and give of himself to clients, organizations, various Business Chambers, and the community.

We mourn his loss, but also celebrate a wonderful man, friend, colleague, and sportsman.

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Who Benefits From Our Type Of Consulting

More About Our Clients

What Stage is Your Company?

Why You Will Benefit From Engaging Plutus

The QB Talk Show | with Adrian Herschell

Adrian Herschell – a Tribute

In September 2007, the genesis of Plutus Consulting group was marked by the fortuitous meeting of Adrian Herschell and John Holland at a conference in Parsippany NJ.

Based on the idea that our collective 50 plus years of experience could translate into a complete package of consulting tools and programs for our prospective clients, the brand and business was quickly built and Plutus soon settled on Management Advisory team consisting of John, Adrian, Ted Dzialowski and Peter Thompson.

As a principle, we advise our clients to be ready for change; for example, be it Internal operational, financial, or HR issues, or External challenges like changing market conditions, new competitive actions, or even government regulation and law. And it can come from unexpected places and at inconvenient times.

For us, unfortunately, on September 21st, 2017 we experienced a personal and business loss; our colleague and friend Adrian passed away after an all too quick and brave fight against pancreatic cancer.

Today we consider his legacy to our clients, and to Plutus.

Adrian worked tirelessly to build up a network of clients, business associates in all disciplines, and was active in a number of Chambers of Commerce. He facilitated workshops and seminars and through this built up his credentials and reputation as a consultant that delivered real value to our clients. He worked with John on the marketing strategy and efforts for the brand Plutus, and over time helped build up a unique business ecosystem.

Adrian played a major role in helping to develop our methodologies, processes and best practices. He used his 30 years of corporate experience in business turnarounds, restructuring and organizational strategy to help many of the clients that he and John serviced, to achieve quantum growth. Some achieved earning growths of over 5x in a few years, significantly increasing their business value.

Adrian will not be forgotten; his legacy is hard work and dedication to client’s real needs. He set a standard for high quality business solutions and practical advice, and as a man he was respected and liked by our clients.
We will miss him, but his endeavours to help make Plutus what it is today will live on.

John Holland

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