The Plutus Consulting Group model is different from conventional consulting practices; we have invested in a variety of Adrian Herschell Plutus Consulting Grouptools that enable us to uncover all that might be holding you back. The big difference between our approach and application of these various diagnostic approaches is – we customize our methodology to each client’s specific needs. We spend time getting to know you and understanding your goals and ambitions and our objective is to help you achieve your long term goals.

The biggest hurdle most of you face isn’t knowing what is wrong – although from time to time there are surprises! You most often know in your heart what needs to be changed but what is holding you back is finding the time and making a commitment to actually changing.

We have seen many examples of owners just like you buying consulting, getting a reasonable analysis and recommendations for improvement and then you do not implement! The owner may start out with the best of intentions and then hit resistance to change from his/her team, or they bogged down by the day to day grind of running their business and the consulting implementation gets abandoned.

We at Plutus recognize this and are fully aware of what can get in the way of achieving results from your investment in consulting.

That is why we take a completely different approach; we build into every engagement a component of implementation to ensure you truly get on the path to change. We will help craft the priorities that you face and work to develop the key measurement factors the will determine success at various milestones and plan the human and financial capital needed. We then stay with you to ensure the plan is implemented and on track.

We measure ourselves by your success!

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