John Holland from Plutus Consulting Group has been an integral part of my personal and professional growth over the last 5 years. He is resourceful and thoughtful in his advice and cares about our business as much as I do. I wouldn’t be the leader that I am today without his support!

Profit Turnaround

Construction Reno Business – The Backstory Behind A Profit Turnaround

4 Practical Steps

4 Practical Steps To Help You Scale Up


How A $3M Business Grew Revenue By $6M In 3 Years


What Happens When Growth Stalls

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The Common vs The Uncommon

The Common vs The Uncommon
There is an attention-getting headline doing the rounds at the moment- With hardly any evidence of common sense around the world these days, maybe its time for more uncommon sense?


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How A $3M Business Grew Revenue By $6M In 3 Years

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