Strategic and Operational Financial Governance and Mentoring

PLUTUS provides independent advice on the evaluation and execution of business entry, operations, growth and exit strategies and their financial implications and consequences on the firm, executives and owners as applicable. We help CEO’s, senior management teams, entrepreneurs and business owners implement best practices, protocols and systems for effective financial governance and stewardship.

We work with owners and management teams to assess the company’s business potential for single or multiple owner exit strategies or liquidity events. 

Managing innovation, growth and change pose opportunity and risk. We provide independent opinions on critical “what if”, “can we” and “how do we” issues, opportunities and challenges that impact the future direction and financial performance of the business on a project, periodic or Advisory Board basis. 

Review of management policies and implementation of financial governance policies, compliance processes and financial reporting

  • Business owner or CEO financial mentoring and training
  • Unhealthy banking relationship work out and relationship building
  • Retirement, succession or partner buy out personal decisions
  • Provide additional resources to the management team for special project design to execution to implementation to completion
  • Business plan facilitation and development
  • Expansion Plan Assessment
  • Capital Project Review