The biggest marketing issue facing most small and mid- sized companies is not a lack of money to invest in marketing activities, it is identifying where and how to spend the money to obtain a good return on that investment.

This is interesting ……The biggest issue facing the Vice president of Marketing at Apple, or Unilever, Cocoa Cola, General Motors, Proctor and Gamble, or IBM, is not the lack of a budget. It’s the same problem, how to get a good bang for the invested buck. How do they do it? By developing a proper strategy that is designed to deliver desired results. Big companies have big marketing departments to work this out. What Plutus offers is the external support and resources to do the same for you. And we are ahead of the curve on use of Digital marketing tools, social media strategies, In bound and the traditional Out bound marketing know how.

At Plutus we help you invest smartly to get that return, and our clients are proof. We start with your brand, and how it adds value to your customers. We ensure that your Value proposition is salient, compelling and different, using unique Plutus tools.

We use market intelligence, competitive insights, and identify your customer needs, gaps and opportunities. Our process results in three very powerful business advantages for you;

  • Clear differentiation of your business
  • Clarity on its value to your customers
  • A plan for the most cost effective allocation of the marketing budget

We call it Results Marketing

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  • Job Descriptions

    Plutus Consulting Group

    When most people think of writing job descriptions they start listing all the tasks the role must perform. At Plutus we start with the outcomes or results the role should achieve. Every role in an organization must contribute to the overall success of the company.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Plutus Consulting Group

    Supporting a culture of continuous improvement means making a commitment to regularly upgrading the skills of all members of the organization. This may mean outside workshops, formal training programs, supporting advanced education, etc.

  • Company Culture

    Plutus Consulting Group

    One of the key drivers of a Company Culture are the values of the organization. Often, they are clearly defined and published to ensure all employees know what behaviors and objectives are intrinsic to the company.

  • Performance Management

    Plutus Consulting Group

    One of the most important elements in setting objectives is ensuring employees are supporting the objectives of the company. Too often we see individual goals that are not aligned with company objectives!

  • Organizational Structure

    Plutus Consulting Group

    At Plutus, we help clients define their existing structure with clear precision, but more importantly we help them understand the needs of the organization as it continues to evolve and grow. We help define at what critical points the company will need to add specific talent.