Human Resource Management

Where will future talent come from, how do we ensure a seamless transition as people are promoted, retire, or move on?


We help our clients develop talent management models that enable them to be pro-active and minimize the business disruption from scarcity of management or key skilled team members. This is a multi-faceted approach that includes identifying potential high performers, mentoring, continuous recruiting and building a talent bank resource within the talent management function.


  • Job Descriptions

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    When most people think of writing job descriptions they start listing all the tasks the role must perform. At Plutus we start with the outcomes or results the role should achieve. Every role in an organization must contribute to the overall success of the company.

  • Continuous Improvement

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    Supporting a culture of continuous improvement means making a commitment to regularly upgrading the skills of all members of the organization. This may mean outside workshops, formal training programs, supporting advanced education, etc.

  • Company Culture

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    One of the key drivers of a Company Culture are the values of the organization. Often, they are clearly defined and published to ensure all employees know what behaviors and objectives are intrinsic to the company.

  • Performance Management

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    One of the most important elements in setting objectives is ensuring employees are supporting the objectives of the company. Too often we see individual goals that are not aligned with company objectives!

  • Organizational Structure

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    At Plutus, we help clients define their existing structure with clear precision, but more importantly we help them understand the needs of the organization as it continues to evolve and grow. We help define at what critical points the company will need to add specific talent.