The Common vs The Uncommon

There is an attention-getting headline doing the rounds at the moment-

With hardly any evidence of common sense around the world these days, maybe its time for more uncommon sense?
I like that idea – the ability to show a gem of real sense that is uncommon amongst all the ordinary and often downright dumb.

That got me thinking about managing a business in a sensible way that is uncommon, yet smart and appreciated by all concerned. That would be great for employees and also for your customers.

Some ideas on employee practices;

A business that differentiates itself by implementing unique work life balance practices for employees would surely be a place where people are engaged and driven to achieve results. For example;

  • Flexible leave policies
  • Corporate engagement in your local community
  • A healthy work environment
  • A clear sense of purpose for every employee
  • Flexible home/office scheduling
  • A family-friendly work environment.

What about your brand and your customers?

Is there something remarkable or innovative in your business that sets you apart from your competitors? It seems that customer service, or rather a lack of customer service, is a big issue in 2019. If that is true in your industry, then there is potentially a big opportunity to increase sales and market share by creating a super focus on outstanding customer service.

If your brand does not stand for something special to your prospects, you need to look into that because it’s holding you back. How are you remarkable in your customers’ eyes? What is uncommon and appreciated? It’s so important to be different and relevant by offering products or services that provide better and unique value.

This month we are posting a video on You need to be Remarkable, here is the link and its on our website with a bunch of other thought- provoking videos.


John Holland
Summer 2019

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